dein leben läuft gut. meins rennt gegen die wand

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Hi it's just somebody. You found my blog and I hope you like it.
This blog is dead most time on weekends. That is because I am happy because of my boyfriend. Please don't unfollow me. I try to blog as often as I can.
Celine. 15:39
happy, ‘cause you’re back♥♥

theda 15:41
oh sweet♥

Celine. 15:41

theda 15:42
ilove you to the moon and back♥

Celine. 15:42
i love you more than chocolate♥

theda 15:42
i love you more than peanut butter♥

Celine. 15:43
ilove you more thantumblr:) ♥

theda 15:43
ilove you more than my camera♥

Celine. 15:44
ilove you more thanmusic♥

theda 15:44
ilove you more thanjack harries♥
wait what? no.

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    ich liebe uns♥
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